Tap Shot for Windows Phone 7

Tap shot is a new game for the windows phone platform by ecriep. The full version of the game will set you back a whopping 99 cents but unlocks levels 2 and 3.  In Tapshot your finger is the gun as you tap targets as quickly and accurately as possible, before time runs out, gaining points and time on the clock for each tap.

The games premise is fairly simple, and is easy to learn, but gets more difficult the longer you go. Targets begin to move and change size, each tap results in either a nice, satisfying typewriter, type clack sound for a hit, or a buzzer type buzz for a miss. The music is pretty good but repetitive. The options menu has the ability to turn both off, but simply turning down the music a bit would be a nice option.

The graphics and simple but clean and bright, here is a trailer to give you an idea:

When the timer runs out, you will be presented with your score and the opportunity to add your name to the highscore list, the next update will add online scoreboards and a fourth level.

Tapshot is very simple, and fun but after playing through a couple times I find myself wanting to compete, which is why I give tapshot 4 out 5 targets but once the online scoreboards go up I would even go as high as 4.4 out of 5.

here is a zune marketplace deep link:



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